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Forever isn't for everyone. Is forever for you?

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actor hakyeon a.k.a No Ah in Hotel King

The tip of my finger touches you
And I know I’m not alone
With the single bent wing we were given.
Trigger by Yuuki Ozaki


      「 Happy Birthday our handsome, talented, dorky nickinbi  」

{vixxbox photoshoot} ▸lee jaehwan


i’m proud to call you my bias


"This is what’s ridiculous. People who suffer from cancer, severed limbs, or blindness receive sympathy from others, but people suffering from mental illnesses are viewed as outcasts by everyone. Everyone’s prone to a mental breakdown if they suffer a traumatic experience. We all just act like that would never happen to us.”


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do me a favour. if a person wearing a long sleeved shirt or a sweatshirt and jeans on a hot day, don’t comment on it. don’t ask why they’re wearing it. don’t say anything at about it.

trust me, they know it’s hot, they know. but their reason for wearing what they’re wearing probably far outweighs the temperature outside.

this is so god damn important


taehyung, sbs inkigayo traffic safety song


favorite l.joe candids | requested by misschunsa


Bangtan ft. tiny sunny ♡


"Am I a machine without feelings? Do you think that because I am poor, plain, obscure, and little that I am souless and heartless?" - Jane Eyre (2011)